… you just need to enter …

1. HOW MUCH is it WORTH to you? (in Dollars or in Euros is ok)
— dont worry you wont have to pay that —

2. WHO do you want to buy?
— you need to search? click here

3. WHAT is (s)he supposed to do for the money?
— this is a game; nobody will be asked nor encouraged by us to do illegal things —

4. WHY do you think (s)he is the appropriate person to be bought?
— you may enter additional remarks about the CONTEXT of your purchase —

5. would you propose an AUCTION (and what would be your bidding limit?)
— again: this is a game, no illegal actions nor payments etc.etc. —

6. (if you wish so, enter) your name, address, phone no., bank account, passwords and whatever you wish. Please be aware that the whole world will know your bank account and passwords, too, in this case (if you input your data)
gib keinen richtigen Namen ein, dont use your real name, utilise-pas ton nom

— this is a game and NOT a FACEBOOK nor GOOGLE+ “social network”! You dont need to input any data about you, not even an email address! —
— this BUYYOURPOLITICIAN page is NOT moderated —

— all your inputs are fully visible for everyone —
please no mobbing, joking or other bothering input on this page

Instead of insulting others, please (if you got some time) have a look at

ok now,  go ahead ! AND ENJOY 🙂

… for the beginning, here is no input field:
(we are under development)
So just enter your project below in the COMMENT field(s) with all (above) required information


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